Petition 60798

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Uphold God's Word as Primary (60798-CO-ΒΆ16-C-G)

A. Add a new sub-paragraph to Article IV after ¶ 16: 1. To uphold God’s word as primary for salvation in faith and practice according to the Bible, our doctrinal standards, the restrictive rules, John Wesley’s emphasis on the Bible, our candidacy requirements and the ordination vows. Therefore, any petition attempting to change our present stance on sexuality, homosexuality, or marriage is to be tabled indefinitely and the Council of Bishops is to determine the boundaries for all United Methodists to function accordingly.

B. Delete all the present numbers in ¶ 16 Article IV from 1 through 16 and increase their numerical value by one, so 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, and so on until 16 becomes 17.


A. The U.S. Supreme Court recently expanded the definition of marriage to include homosexual couples based upon peoples’ rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness;

B. We United Methodists have been discerning, discussing, debating and deciding on issues of sexuality over the past thirty years at General Conference;

C. . . .

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