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Investment Ethics (60761-FA-R4071-G)

7. Nonexclusionary Investment Screens in Investments—

Encouraging investment managers and all boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church to research and seriously consider proactively purchasing stock and other securities in companies that invest in peacemaking and cooperation in all regions experiencing conflict including Israelis and Palestinians, such as (i) companies taking affirmative steps toward peaceful coexistence and building bridges between conflicted parties, (ii) companies taking affirmative steps toward conflict resolution, and (iii) companies that make financial donations to nonprofits and other organizations that work for peace and reconciliation.


Best practices in socially responsible investing are expanding into more proactive strategies to promote positive social change. This alternative to punitive measures that further polarize conflicts will strengthen our ministry of reconciliation and efforts to seek a just and peaceful end to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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