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Sustainable and Responsible Investments (60036-FA-ΒΆ717-G)

Amend ¶ 717 as follows:

¶ 717. Socially Sustainable and Responsible Investments – In the investment of money, Iit shall be the policy of The United Methodist Church that all general boards and agencies, including the

General Board of Pension and Health Benefits, and all administrative agencies and institutions, including hospitals, homes, educational institutions, annual conferences, foundations, and local churches, shall, in the investment of money, make a conscious effort to invest in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds whosewith policies and practices that are socially responsible, consistent with the goals outlined in the Social Principles; and. All United Methodist institutions shall endeavor to avoidseek investments in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds that appear likely, directly or indirectly, to supportpromote racial discrimination, violation ofand gender justice, protect human rights, prevent the use of sweatshop or forced labor, gambling oravoid human suffering, and preserve the natural world, including mitigating the effects of climate change. In addition, United Methodist institutions shall endeavor to avoid investments in companies engaged in core business activities that are not aligned with the Social Principles through their direct or indirect involvement with: the production of nuclearanti‐personnel weapons and armaments, (both nuclear and conventional weapons), alcoholic beverages or tobacco;, or companies dealingthat are involved in gambling, pornography or other forms of exploitive adult entertainment. The boards and agencies are to give careful consideration to shareholder advocacy, including advocacy of corporate disinvestmentenvironmental, social, and governance factors when making investment decisions and actively exercise their responsibility as owners of the companies in which they invest. This includes engaging with companies to create positive change and hold them accountable for their actions, while also considering exclusion if companies fail to act responsibly.


These changes reflect an evolution in sustainable investment since the 2012 General Conference and reflect the GBPHB view of a prudent proactive approach to sustainable investing.

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