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The Petition is amended by substituting with the following:

The Committee on Faith and Order proposes a period of study to stimulate and aid theological reflection throughout the church on the identity and mission of The United Methodist Church.

The Study and response process in the coming quadrennium will involve these elements:

1. A teaching document on ecclesiology will be made available electronically through,, and along with a brief study and response guide to facilitate study of the document. These documents will be translated into the language of the General Conference.

2. Each resident bishop will be asked to arrange for congregationally-based studies of United Methodist ecclesiology between June 2016 and December 2017 involving approximately ten percent of both the laity and clergy of her or his episcopal area. Resources for the study will be provided by the Committee on Faith and Order.

3. Responses will be solicited from specific groups who may have particular expertise in ecclesiology, including: faculty from United Methodist seminaries and schools of theology, general agency staff, pan-Methodist theologians and officials; and other selected ecumenical partners.

4. All United Methodists will be invited and encouraged to offer feedback on United Methodist ecclesiology.

5. The Committee on Faith and Order will design processes to solicit and receive these responses.

6. The Committee on Faith and Order will be responsible for evaluating the study process, considering the responses received, and will offer appropriate action to the 2020 General Conference. The Committee on Faith and Order will send to the 2020 General Conference a theological teaching document on ecclesiology for adoption as an official document of the church, comparable to By Water and the Spirit and This Holy Mystery.

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