Calendar Item 421

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The Petition is amended as follows:

Standing Committee on Strategy and Growth

During the 2017-2020 quadrennium, there shall be a Standing Committee on Strategy and Growth, directly responsible to the General Conference. Membership of the Committee is to represent the best among the entrepreneurs of local church revitalization. Its purpose is to develop and implement a strategy to first slow the decline in worship attendance and professions of faith, and then to return them to positive growth within the jurisdictional conferences.

The strategy’s target is to arrest and reverse the decline by the end of 2024. The fruits from the work of the Committee during the 2017-2020 quadrennium goal must be sufficient to make reverse and decline by 2024 possible. This achievement also depends upon successful deployment of strategies among the agencies and the annual conferences. The work of the Committee is to be incremental to the host of programs in place that those to be developed among the annual conferences and the program agencies. The Committee offers to the denomination an avenue by which entrepreneurs will have the platform for refinement of their programs and the funding to expand their collective works to a national scale. Such refinements and scale would be impossible without the platform and funding of the Committee by carving out $20M of the World Service Fund for said funding.

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